An Inspired Prisoner

by Josiah Wold 

I stared at the open guest registry in our church foyer. “Rob and Bonnie” were etched into a slot written three weeks before. “What brought them here?” I wondered.

They had come three consecutive Sabbaths and no one in the church knew them. Each time they brought along their two children. On the third sabbath we had fellowship meal and they had stayed behind. The pastor got acquainted with them and set up an appointment for the following day. Now we were driving there, not sure what to expect.

“Hello, come on in.” Bonnie beckoned to us from her porch. The pastor and I made our introductions and settled down into a love seat in their living room. From there Rob began to unfold their story and questions.

“I was in jail and at a low point and I wanted change. I wanted to find which church was really God’s church.” Rob had visited many different religions in the past and had actively been involved as a Jehovah’s Witness. Yet he never had peace that he’d found the right place. He continued, “I ordered for many different religious books from the jail library and the only one they brought was ‘The Desire of Ages’.”

He told us how he read it and realized that it was inspired. “Bonnie,” he had asked after his release, “Which church puts this book out?” Bonnie had been taken to an Adventist church by her grandmother up until 13 and identified it as such. After that point, both of them decided to start visiting our church in Cumberland, Maryland.

“I only have one main question.” Bonnie timidly interjected into a stream of questions. “I have never been baptized, and I know that I need to be.” As we finished up our visit that day, the pastor and I realized one thing, they were thirsting for the truth!

God works in amazing ways. It may be that the second coming will be the only thing that reveals who got that Desire of Ages placed into Rob’s hands. But we do know this, it was at just the right time. We set up Bible studies with their family and we look forward to seeing them take a stand for Jesus very soon!