Extra money for tuition is always helpful right? Below you will find a list of a few Seventh-day Adventist schools that provide matching funds for the scholarship that you send back to them directly from the Light America program. The following figures are estimates based on a $3,000 scholarship being sent to the school. Some students have a much higher scholarship sent back to the school, while others sometimes have a lower amount.

All of these schools modify their policies as time progresses so we do not actively check with the schools for the accuracies of the following figures. There are also schools that are not listed that do providing a matching scholarship. Use this resource as a springboard to personally research if your school will provide a matching scholarship.

Andrews University 50% of first $5,000 $2,500
Canadian University College 30% of first $2,000 $600
Fresno Adventist Academy 50% No Cap $1,500
La Sierra University 100% of First $3000 $3000
Monterey Bay Academy 50% of First $2000 $1000
Oakwood University Contact School Contact School
Pacific Union College 50% of First $3000 $1500
Southern Adventist University 50% of First $4000 $2000
Southwestern Adventist University 75% of First $2000 $1500
Union College 100% of First $2000 $2000
Walla Walla University 50% no cap $1500
Washington Adventist University 50% of First $3000 $1500
Weimar Academy 50% no cap $1500
Weimar College 50% no cap $1500