Where will it be?

When we think about starting a Light America program we ask ourselves three important questions. Where will it be? Who will lead it? and who are the students? In focusing on where, there are few reasons that a location is chosen. Each Light America program is sponsored by either a local church or a conference. We then work closely with that church throughout the summer to give them progress reports and pass along Bible study contacts. Another factor that decides where we canvass is whether the territory can support a team or if it has been recently canvassed. After all factors are taken into consideration we decide where to go.

Who leads it?

Every Light America program is overseen by a publishing director. The publishing director usually finds experienced and capable individuals to be the day-by-day leaders of each program. They then work closely with these program leaders to make sure that the canvassing experience is the best that it can be. Program leaders are the ones who provide on-going training and support to the students. They are there to make each student’s experience a success, not only in the field but in their own personal lives as well.

Who comes?

Light America programs are comprised of an array of ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Students come from around America and sometimes even from other countries. Because the leadership of the programs canʼt possibly know each individual personally we require an application process to take place before any student is accepted. This helps us in the placement process of the students, as well as making sure that they are eligible to participate. For example, our housing might require a certain ratio of young ladies to young men.

To apply all you have to do is go to the application page. Fill out the questions that pertain to you, and submit it. We will review it in a timely manner and may contact you and your references if we have any questions or to inform you of your acceptance.

How do I get there?

Often times, young people will join programs that are within their local community. Others have what we call the travel bug. They enjoy visiting new cities, meeting new friends, and going into the unknown. If you are one of these young people, then after acceptance you will need to work out transportation to and from the program with your local leader. This may need to be by air, train, or even bus. If a student must travel to a program, they are responsible for the transportation costs.

What happens first?

Each program is started out with an orientation and training. This is the preparation time that we often call the “Success Training Seminar”. This can last up to five days in some programs and is the time where you are trained on how to do evangelistic canvassing. During this time you will learn your canvass and be taught tips.

What is the program like?

Each day begins with a hearty breakfast provided by the program. During the work-week, usually Sunday-Thursday the group will have team worship, and sometimes a short training which is on-going throughout the summer. After these morning activities, the leaders will drive the students to a specific territory and drop them off. This is the best part of the program, the students get to approach total strangers and become their friends. Students will have experiences of sincere gratitude from individuals who greatly needed the literature they offered. They will be able to pray with people, sign-up Bible study contacts, share literature, and earn scholarship.


As students go door-to-door throughout the summer they will receive donations from individuals who received their literature. Each student is entitled to 40% of their donations, and if they complete their time commitment they will receive a 10% bonus which will total 50% of your donations.

If the students decided to forward this to a Seventh-day Adventist school there is a strong possibility that they can receive a matching scholarship. This would often mean a significant increase in help for their tuition.

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