Iʼve never canvassed before, are there prerequisites?

No previous experience is required to canvass. Only energy and willingness to do this work. A humble attitude will be key as leaders will train you to become the best canvasser that it is possible for you to be. The programs normally begin with an intense training time followed by periodic training throughout the program, both on and off the field.

How long are the summer programs?

Light Americaʼs summer program runs for ten-weeks. It usually begins in early June and ends in mid-August.

How long are the winter programs?

Light Americaʼs winter programs normally run for 4 weeks, beginning right after Thanksgiving until Christmas.

What is the daily schedule like?

Each morning we encourage the students to rise early have their personal devotions. This may be followed by individual program duties and breakfast. General breakfast will be followed by worship, training, and a prayer time. Then we hit the streets for a few hours before lunch. After a late afternoon lunch, we will canvass into the evening time. We arrive back at base with enough time to prepare for bed before lights out.

What is the weekly schedule like?

Sunday through Thursday we canvass door-to-door. We do our Sabbath preparation on Friday, along with any shopping and fun activities that students want to participate in. Sabbath may include a church program and afternoon outreach or outdoor activity.

How much scholarship will I earn?

Students receive donations for the books that they canvass. The students are then entitled to 40% of their donation total, as long as their donations are higher than the worth of the books that they have given out. If they complete their time commitment on the program they will receive an additional 10% bonus, bring the total to 50%.

How much scholarship does the typical student leave a program with?

There are many variables that can determine how much in donations a student receives. Much of it is determined by a students energy and willingness to do the work, and their consecration to allow God to work through them. Some students total donations reach well above $10,000 in one summer, whereas others receive $3,000- $5,000.